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    10 Day Wellness Itinerary

    Escape Highlights

    An immersive rediscovery journey within New Zealand's pristine wilderness environment.
    Featuring New Zealand's top two wellness retreats *Escape *Unwind *Rediscover!

    Step back and replenish your spirit with our 10 Day Wellness Retreat New Zealand. Our wellness itinerary offers the opportunity to rejuvenate, disconnect, and nourish your body with wholesome food and mindful movement.

    Our suggested wellness retreat New Zealand itinerary is as follows:

    • Day 1 – Arrive in Christchurch
    • Day 2 – Christchurch
    • Day 3 – Split Apple Retreat Abel Tasman
    • Day 4 – Split Apple Retreat Abel Tasman
    • Day 5 – Aro Hā Retreat Queenstown
    • Day 6 – Aro Hā Retreat Queenstown
    • Day 7 – Aro Hā Retreat Queenstown
    • Day 8 – Aro Hā Retreat Queenstown
    • Day 9 – Aro Hā Retreat Queenstown
    • Day 10 – Aro Hā Retreat Queenstown
    • Day 11 – Depart Queenstown

    The immersive programs at Aro Hā Retreat Queenstown create the opportunity for a full lifestyle shift. Re-balance your mental and physical wellbeing and leave feeling centered and rejuvenated.

    Read on for more details on this transformative wellness retreat New Zealand.

    10 Day Wellness Retreat New Zealand

    Day 1 Arrive in Christchurch

    Your exclusive New Zealand experience begins in Christchurch, the gateway to the South Island.

    Upon arriving in Christchurch, explore the city or relax in your accommodation.

    Stay 2 nights in Christchurch.

    Accommodation: The George Hotel

    Split Apple Retreat Abel Tasman

    Day 2 Christchurch

    Discover the vibrant and picturesque garden city, renowned for its natural beauty, lively entertainment scene, and strong cultural heritage. With its stunning botanical gardens and tree-lined avenues, Christchurch is both a sophisticated city and beautiful place to relax.

    Your options include visiting the Canterbury Museum where you can find rare Maori artefacts; the stories behind them will fascinate you. The museum has a frequent range of special exhibitions, a café and a gift shop for you to browse. Other recommended activities include the Christchurch Gondola, Tramway, Punting on the Avon River and the Botanical Gardens Tour.

    ballooning canterbury hot air balloon Christchurch New Zealand

    Day 3 Christchurch – Abel Tasman, Split Apple Wellness Retreat

    Flight time Christchurch to Nelson – 1 hour 

    Driving time Nelson to Abel Tasman – 1 hour

    Board a domestic flight from Christchurch to Nelson today. Get a glimpse of the city before making your way to Abel Tasman, which offers secluded golden-sand beaches, lush native forests, and crystal-clear bays. This is the perfect way to unwind as you become acquainted with New Zealand.

    Split Apple Retreat, an exclusive, intimate luxury lodge, retreat, and wellness spa will re-ground you over the next three days. The retreat is renowned for its gourmet Asian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine, where every ingredient has been selected for its positive contribution to health and wellness. Indulge in the spectacular setting and unparalleled service.

    Today is yours to unwind and indulge in the facilities and activities on offer at Split Apple Retreat.

    Every aspect of the retreat revolves around relaxation. Facilities at the retreat include a salt-water infinity pool, a Japanese spa, a sauna, a steam room, a yoga pavilion, and a meditation theatre – make the most of your stay with a massage treatment, a private yoga session, a cooking lesson with Chef Pen, or a guided meditation.

    Massage – indulge in a wide variety of massage treatments, including deep tissue, aromatherapy, reiki, acupuncture, craniosacral and reflexology.

    Yoga – private yoga sessions are available with highly skilled instructors in the private yoga pavilion, choose between Hatha, Iyengar, Astanga and Vinyasa yoga.

    Meditation – learn how to meditate quickly and effectively, the latest hi-tech brain-entrainment methods are used. A screening room with 8 luxurious reclining seats was constructed for this purpose.

    Cooking lessons – if of interest, chef Pen will guide you through a number of dishes to make sure the health benefits of your stay are long-lasting.

    Stay 2 nights in Abel Tasman.

    Accommodation: Split Apple Retreat

    Split Apple Retreat Luxury Lodge Abel Tasman Massage

    Day 4 Abel Tasman National Park

    Indulge in another day at the lodge or other bespoke activities that you may wish to sample in Abel Tasman National Park or Kahurangi National Park including boat trips, sea kayaking, fly fishing, cycling, private helicopter tours, and horseback riding.

    Abel Tasman National Park sea kayaking

    Day 5 – 10 Queenstown, Aro Hā Wellness Retreat

    Flight time Abel Tasman to Queenstown – 4 hours 

    Aro Hā is a next-level wellness experience, offering life shifting, body morphing, spirit lifting retreats. Aro Hā condense optimal living practices into signature wellness adventures. Multi-award winning, Aro Hā fuses advanced eco accommodation, permaculture based self-sufficiency, and world-class results-oriented programming.

    Located in New Zealand’s ethereal Southern Alps, Aro Hā is designed for the rejuvenation of the human spirit. Ideal for solo travellers, couples, or friends, Aro Hā’s physically stimulating programs sculpt the body & mind with sub alpine hiking, vinyasa yoga, and dynamic movement. Programs include nutrient dense vegetarian cuisine, healing bodywork, and daily mindfulness practice. Your diligent attention to wellness will be rewarded with a youthful embodiment of exceptional health. If a shift is needed, you’ve found the right elixir.

    Stay 6 nights at Aro Hā, Queenstown

    Accommodation: Aro Hā

    Aro Ha Queenstown Wellness Retreat Location

    Aro Hā Adventures in Wellbeing

    Aro Hā offer approximately three scheduled retreats per month, year round. New Zealand Luxury Holidays will work with you to ensure the retreat dates work in with your travel dates.

    To provide an example retreat overview, each retreat is designed to quickly jumpstart your health. All fitness levels are welcome, and all will be supported while challenged.

    Aro Hā’s Wellness Adventures are a refined retreat experience where all aspects of natural health are addressed. Expect your body to become lean, strong, and flexible, as your mind becomes calm, clear, and present. You are simply required to show up, be present, and allow the experience to unveil your inherent potential.

    The entire experience is included, no “hidden” charges apply. Clients frequently report improved mood, sharper thinking, better sleep, lower blood pressure, improved direction in life, prolonged weight-loss, and even the lifting of depression.

    Aroha Wellness Retreat Queenstown

    The Aro Hā Difference

    • Hike in New Zealand’s World Heritage parks
    • Stretch with Aro Hā Yoga
    • Strengthen using functional movement classes
    • Cleanse through Aro Hā’s vegetarian cuisine
    • Focus with Mindfulness and meditation
    • Rejuvenate with daily signature massage
    • Change by learning why and how
    • Trust the wisdom of the Aro Hā wellness team
    • Luxuriate in the Obsidian therapeutic Spa
    • Rest in Zen inspired eco-accommodation
    • Travel Light with daily laundry service
    • Enjoy small groups of 18 or less

    Typical Day

    • Sunrise Flow Yoga
    • Energising Breakfast
    • SubAlpine Hike
    • Nutrient Dense Lunch
    • Rejuvenation & Spa Time
    • Therapeutic Masage
    • Functional Strength Training
    • Nutrition Demo
    • Restorative Yoga
    • Mindfulness Practice
    • Dinner
    • Write to Ignite or Spa Time
    Aro Ha Wellness Retreat

    Aro Hā translates to, “In the presence of divine breath”. Breath is the foundation of life and wellbeing.


    Harvard researchers have found we spend 46.9% of waking hours with a wandering mind, and this makes us unhappy. Mindfulness is a proven technique for dealing with stress, anxiety, and frustration. Practicing stillness connects us with a deep reservoir of intuitive wisdom.

    At Aro Hā Mindfulness is sprinkled into your daily practices. Mindful sitting, walking, and eating will improve focus, build emotional intelligence, and help to uncover your innate joy.

    Aroha Queenstown Wellness Retreat Mindfulness


    Those living in isolation of friends and family have 4-6 times the chance of dying prematurely. At Aro Hā spend time connecting with your body and your environment. Share your adventure within a small group and create genuine friendships.

    Aro Ha Wellness Retreat New Zealand


    A healthy gut is required for a healthy body and mind. From hydration, to probiotics, to alkalinity, we build health from the digestive system outward.

    At Aro Hā your will eat a rainbow of vegetarian cuisine. Paleo friendly, gluten free, dairy free, and enzymatically active, feed the body a diet rich in trace minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients. You will be absolutely astonished by how delicious cleansing can be.

    Aroha Queenstown Wellness Retreat Eating


    Movement increases endorphins and reduces cognitive decline. It reduces the stress hormones; cortisol & adrenaline. Exercise makes us all feel good, and is even a proven remedy for depression & anxiety.

    Aro Hā blends movement with nature, spirit, and playfulness. You’ll practice Yoga, Pilates, interval training, and climbing mountains.

    Aroha Queenstown Retreat Yoga


    700 new chemicals introduced into our environment each year. Approximately 80,000 chemicals in use world wide. The average western newborn baby has 287 known chemicals in their umbilical cord blood.

    While there is a greater issue that our society needs to remedy, at Aro Hā they minimise your personal chemistry experiment by supporting the elimination of toxins, and minimizing incoming toxic load.

    Aroha Queenstown Retreat Spa Toxicity


    The choices we make each day affect our brains, our bodies, and our minds. Whether looking at Epigenetics, Neuroplasticity, nutrition, or mindfulness the message is clear, we can promote healing physically & emotionally, or we can create illness.

    Using the BREATH framework, your all-inclusive program will harness the collective wisdom of the Aro Hā Wellness Team to help you quickly unveil your own innate health. You will have no decisions to make, no business or family to attend to, just a step-by-step process that leaves you glowing.

    Aro Ha Wellness Retreat Yoga Room Healing

    Day 11 Depart Queenstown

    As your unforgettable wellness holiday draws to a close, soak in the views one last time before departing Queenstown at your leisure.

    Plan a Wellness Retreat New Zealand

    A stay at Aro Hā New Zealand includes every aspect of your experience, from luxury rooms and wholesome food to immersive daily programs.

    We aim to make your wellness retreat as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

    Contact New Zealand Luxury Escapes today to plan your rejuvenating wellness retreat.

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