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Hunting & Fishing NZ

Hunting and Fishing New Zealand

New Zealand Luxury Escapes specialises in exclusive hunting and fishing NZ expeditions throughout New Zealand. Whether you have 1 day or 1-3 weeks we will craft your ideal NZ Hunter Adventures or Fishing trip. See our 10 Day New Zealand Hunting Experience Itinerary and 14 Day New Zealand Fishing Experience Itinerary to get started.

New Zealand Hunting

Trophy Hunting with expert guides

Hunting Queenstown New Zealand

New Zealand is a very popular destination for the hunting enthusiast and hosts some of the finest trophy hunting in the world.

Hunting Season in New Zealand: The big game hunting season in New Zealand starts in February and finishes in August.

Arriving in New Zealand and bringing firearms: There are daily direct flights that leave Los Angeles and San Francisco for Auckland, which is your point of entry to New Zealand. Auckland is also the port where you will clear customs. It is recommended that you arrive 1-2 days prior to your first hunt commencing, so you can adjust to our climate and get over any jet lag you may have. New Zealand is a “hunter friendly” destination. It is very easy to bring a conventional sporting firearm into the country, to apply online please click here. It should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to clear your guns on arriving at Auckland International Airport.

Big Game Hunting Species in New Zealand: There are 12 species of big game available to the hunter in New Zealand: Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Whitetail Deer, Sambar Deer, Rusa Deer, Sika Deer, Wapiti (Elk), Austrian Chamois, Himalayan Tahr, South Pacific Goat, Wild Pig, and Wild Bulls. All provide good trophies and many have exceeded the trophy potential of their country of origin.

Water-Foul Hunting in New Zealand: There are 6 water-foul species: Mallard, Paradise, Grey and Shoveler Duck, Black Swan and Greater Canadian Goose.

Hunting Method in New Zealand: Hunting on private blocks is a fair chase and offers the excitement of tracking and the thrill of the hunt.

Hunting Itineraries New Zealand: Our 10 Day New Zealand Hunting Experience Itinerary is designed to give you information about the hunting experiences and lodges on offer in New Zealand, New Zealand Luxury Escapes will tailor the ideal hunting package for you.

Fishing in New Zealand

Exclusive guided fishing experiences in remote locations

Fiordland Fishing New Zealand

New Zealand is a spectacular and popular fishing destination. Whether it is the world’s finest Wild Brown Trout that lures you to New Zealand, or maybe it’s the famous Taupo Rainbows, the Salmon or Big Game, superb Fly Fishing or light tackle spinning, the spectacular environment will exhilarate you.

Fishing Seasons in New Zealand: There is great trout fishing year round in New Zealand’s outstanding rivers and lakes. Summer river fly fishing in October-May is available throughout the country and advance reservations for guides is an absolute requirement. In winter, you’ll find the world’s best fresh water rainbow trout runs in the central North Island. Boat and deep-sea fishing is enjoyed year round.

Fishing Itineraries New Zealand: Our 14 Day New Zealand Fishing Experience Itinerary is designed to give you information about the fishing experiences and lodges on offer in New Zealand, New Zealand Luxury Escapes will tailor the ideal fishing package for you.

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